What do we do?

Amazon today controls 50% market share of all goods sold in the U.S while branding itself as a 1% player in the Retail space


Classier gives back the power to sellers to ship the item their way by taking a 10% cut vs Amazon's 20% Cut + referral fee of $1.80

We don't claim to be perfect, We don't even claim it's the right way but it is our way. We are trying to create a modern solution for brands to reconnect with their customers.

Digital Core Capabilities


What will it take for companies with complex legacy landscapes to quickly sense changing marketing trends and continuously evolve in response?

Digital Operating Models


For our clients, digital transformation is about enabling the business to continuously develop agile, effective response to the emerging challenges and opportunities. Their businesses have a transformation plan that is owned at the top and implemented by leaders downstream.

Empowering Talent Transformations


The world of work is rapidly changing. A newfound digital fluency enables so many people to find and solve incredibly hard problems using software that keeps getting more intelligent.



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